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    Tailored accounts solutions for a motorbike mechanic

    A very laid back client of mine owned a motor cycle repair store.

    He found that he was always forgetting to charge for a number of products used on each motorcycle. He was working on so many machines at the same time, that cleaning his hands to fill out the job card was wasting time.

    Creating a tailored solution for this client meant I had to think outside of the box…

    How could we make sure that all products and work to each bike was being documented, without my client having to leave his mechanic duties to do admin?

    The solution was found in using a rubber band to tie a sturdy tag to the handle bars, so that he could jot down notes as he worked, without worrying about getting his paperwork dirty.

    Just a simple solution that solved both his business and accounting problems.

    He went on to buy a great online package for me to manage.

    Since he had no debtors, he wasn’t interested in looking up his creditors on the computer, so we took two spikes:

    One for supplier invoices unpaid and one for those already paid.

    He was happy that he knew who and how much he owed.

    Too simple perhaps but its what worked for him and that’s what tailoring your accounts to suit your business is all about.

    He spent less time on his paperwork and increased his profits by 11% AND his financials got him the loan that he needed to get larger premises.