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Treasure is in the eye of the beholder- caring, couching and counting it is in mine.


Books in Black is a trusted accounting services provider for businesses and individuals. We offer accounting and bookkeeping services along with practical guidance aimed at helping your business succeed.

If you still haven’t got an accounting package don’t panic. It won’t cost you anything to use our Quickbooks Desktop Software. If you want to go online then we can help with Quickbooks, Sage and most other packages

As an individual you may not need a software package. An Excel spreadsheet should work well. We provide on-site training with all spreadsheets so you become independent of us, except to chat on Whatapp for support services.

Most of us have online software but only see our financials once a year when they are presented as our finals. But I know that if you are not checking all your reports on a monthly basis then transactions are mis-allocated and distort your true figures. You will pay too much tax or make bad business decisions based on incorrect information. Bookkeeping is all about attention to detail and processing your bank statements properly. They are after all the backbone of your business.

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Some people outsource all their accounting and bookkeeping tasks to us and we form a close relationship with your accountant to make dealing with SARS a breeze! But finding the right bookkeeper could be the difference between growth and stagnation. We know all about small town businesses and look forward to helping you.

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Why use us?

  • Processing bank statements: We will produce a professional income and balance sheet that you can use for tax purposes.
  • Reducing costs: Our goal is to get to know you and your business. Let us learn about your pain points and find practical ways to improve efficiency, streamline accounting processes and save you money.
  • Tailor made services: We help with practical budgets and strategies to manage your finances better.
  • We provide clear and accurate financial information. This gives you the tools to manage expenses and optimize cash flow. We promise to deliver meaningful financial statements and dependable advice.
  • Financial partners: Some clients outsource all their accounting services to us. Books in Black works closely with your accountant and assists by setting up appropriate financial systems and providing onsite training.
  • Personal touch: We love to talk in person rather than send an email. With the advent of free calls you can have instant answers to your questions without paying a penny.
  • Timesaving: We take care of your accounting so that you can take care of business.